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Trinity Trach-Tube Ties were created during more than 23 years of clinical experience in small animal and exotic medicine and surgery. Developed by Dr. Billy Davis DVM, Trinity Ties were created to prevent the damage that can occur to the trachea if the trach-tube is not held firmly in place as well as to simplify and expedite surgical prep and clean-up time. The principal benefit of Trinity Ties in addition to the added safety provided to the animal is their ease of use. Merely pull an individual tie from its container, secure it to the tube, and discard it when you are finished.
the trinity advantage
Our ties are highly visible, and do not bind or cling to the muzzle hair.
Because they do not soak up saliva or blood, our ties are perfect for dentals and other oral surgeries.
Trinity ties are safer for the animal and much easier to use than gauze or tape.
Because they are disposable and much cleaner than gauze, our ties simplify surgical prep and clean-up.
Because they hold fast to the trach-tube, our ties prevent tracheal damage that can occur if the tube is accidentally moved.
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